Real Estate Development and Financing

One of the industries driving the economy in Southern Arizona, both before and after the financial collapse of 2008, has been real estate financing, development, and sales. As the industry began to unwind in 2008, Arizona began to see an alarming number of catastrophic residential foreclosures and distressed properties flooding the market. The federally insured banks accruing losses on attendant non-performing loans brought matters to the attention of federal investigators and prosecutors. And they took notice.

Mortgage Fraud

The result has been the recent rash of federal and state mortgage fraud-related indictments, press releases, trials and sentencings. Many notable career industry people, including senior loan officers, real estate brokers and agents, and escrow officers have been caught in the maw, brought to painful account for collective industry sins, and millions in banking losses.

Michael has particular experience in representing real estate and financial professionals, in such matters at both the federal and state levels, and at all stages in the proceedings.