The Nature of Government Investigations

It begins with a knock on the door. Business professionals sometimes find themselves, their employees, and their families, the targets or subjects, or uncomfortable witnesses, in state or federal government investigations.

More often than not, white collar investigations ultimately culminate in accusations of bank, tax, wire or other types of fraud. But in contrast to other criminal matters, white collar investigations often lasts months or years before anyone is charged with any crime. And for the astute, this is a decisive advantage.

Locally, the targets of white-collar investigations are almost always educated career professionals, and usually the officers, principals, or key employees of closely held businesses.

Michael has notable experience working with the FBI, IRS, FDA, ICE, HUD, DEA, Attorney General’s Office, and the United States Attorney’s Offices, representing people and companies, preindictment, with the goal of avoiding formal charging. Those who have been through this process know that the best time to resolve a white collar investigation is quite often before a federal grand jury returns a multi-count indictment.

This is especially so for career professionals and business leaders where the fact of the indictment or charge alone, even if the matter is ultimately dismissed, can, by itself, in a single quick stroke, be ruinous to a reputation and business which took years to build.