Professional Licensing

Many of Tucson’s most highly-skilled professionals, including doctors, lawyers, nurses, architects, pharmacists, and contractors, must obtain and maintain a state license to practice their profession in Arizona. Others must maintain a security clearance, firearms rights or a clean fingerprint clearance. Unfortunately, a criminal record, even an arrest, can cast doubt on these qualifications, and even result in suspension,  before the professional ever receives her day in court.

As a criminal defense attorney with more than 15 years experience, Michael routinely and successfully represents clients who face professional discipline by the Arizona regulatory boards in addition to criminal charges  in the courts. Michael understands the professional consequences of a criminal prosecution and is skilled in litigating on two fronts when necessary. He has been invited to lecture on the topic of “collateral consequences” of criminal prosecutions by the Arizona State Bar and public defender offices.  To fight for his clients’ ability to practice their chosen professions, Michael has also appeared before numerous administrative tribunals, including: the Arizona Medical Board; Arizona Nursing Board; Arizona State Bar; United States Border Patrol Office of Internal Affairs; Arizona Department of Public Safety Office of Internal Affairs; Arizona National Guard, 856th Military Police Company, Phoenix, Arizona [USCMJ Art. 15 proceedings]; City of Phoenix Licensing Appeals Board (restricted business); Arizona Board of Pharmacy; Arizona Board of Naturopathy; Arizona Massage Board; and Arizona Cosmetology Board.

Professional licensing is an area of law filled with traps for the unwary. With many years of experience navigating these waters, Michael provides counsel to Tucson professionals, which assists them to avoid problems that are commonly overlooked, while adopting appropriate strategies in light of their individual circumstances.