Our Results

We report primarily litigated results in courts of record, and do not include numerous non-judicial resolutions, preindictment matters, non-prosecution agreements, juvenile matters, and diversion agreements which we have been fortunate enough to help in obtaining. Please remember that our past results are not necessarily predictive of successful resolution of any prospective case. Criminal litigation is by its nature fraught with uncertainty; we want our clients to have a healthy outlook and reasonable expectations.

DateCase NumberCourtChargeCase DescriptionResult
16/12/2022TR2022 0000xxxOro Valley Magistrate CourtDUI/DUI.08/Excessive Speeding/No Proof of Financial ResponsibilityMotion to Suppress for police misconduct GRANTEDAll charges DISMISSED
15/12/2022CR21-01XXXXXTucson City CourtDUI/DUI ExtremeMotion to preclude witness GRANTEDAll charges DISMISSED
23/11/2022CR21-000XXXJP CourtDUI/DUI Extreme/SpeedingMotion to Suppress evidence GRANTEDAll charges DISMISSED
16/11/2022CR22-0005xxxJP CourtDUI/Drive One Lane/Unsafe Lane ChangeIn lieu of evidentiary hearing reduced to reckless drivingAll DUI charges Dismissed
07/11/2022CR-21-01xxxxJP CourtDUI/Improper Position: right TurnIn lieu of evidentiary hearing Reduced to reckless drivingAll DUI charges DISMISSED
19/10/2022TR190xxxxTucson City CourtReckless Driving/Fail to Stop for Red LightAt trial verdict NOT GUILTYAll criminal charges DISMISSED
17/10/2022CM2021 xxxxxSahuarita Municipal CourtDisorderly Conduct(3)/AssaultAfter evidentiary hearing prosecutor dismissed all chargesAll charges DISMISSED
14/10/2022CM2000xxxxTucson City CourtDV-Assault(2)/DV-DOCDomestic Violence for career military: On eve of trial diversion offeredAll charges DISMISSED
12/10/2022CR22-00XXXXJP CourtDV Criminal Damage- Deface/Disorderly Conduct-Unreasonable NoiseDomestic Violence for Foster Parent: Informal DiversionAll charges DISMISSED
07/10/2022CM220xxxxTucson City CourtDV/Assault- Touch with Intent-DV/Criminal DamageDomestic Violence for licensed Behavioral Health Manager/ DiversionAll charges DISMISSED
21/09/2022CR21-00xxxxJP CourtDUI/DUI ExtremeAPC-client sleeping in parked carAll charges DISMISSED
20/09/2022CR21-00xxxxJP CourtDui-Liquor/Drugs/Vapor/Stop Sign Violation/DUI-Liquor Bac .08 or morePharmacist with DUI/Disclosure violationAll charges DISMISSED
15/09/2022CR22-00xxxxJP CourtReckless Driving/Obedience to Police OfficerUniversity of Arizona Police chase client on motorcycle at high speeds/Motion to<br /> Dismiss for Rule 8 violation GRANTEDAll charges DISMISSED
14/09/2022CR21-01xxxxJP CourtDui-Liquor/Drugs/Vapor/ LIQ Minor Drive After Drinking/DUI-Liquor Bac .08 or MoreUniversity of Arizona Student. Motion to dismiss for Rule 8 violation GRANTEDAll charges DISMISSED
14/09/2022TR2021 00XXXXSahuarita Municipal CourtDUICDL long distance trucker. Constitutional issues with potential lack of probable<br /> cause to arrest discussed with prosecutorAll charges DISMISSED
14/09/2022TR2022 000xxxxGreen Valley JP CourtFailure to Provide Financial Responsibility/No Registration/Fail to Stop at Stop Sign/Dui- Liquors/Drugs/VaporAll charges DISMISSED
14/09/2022TR2021 000xxxxSahuarita Municipal CourtDUIAfter motion to suppress filed State dismissed DUI and reduced to reckless<br /> drivingAll DUI charges DISMISSED
12/09/2022CR21-00xxxxJP CourtDUIState cannot produce witnessAll charges DISMISSED
03/08/2022TR2022-0xxxxOro Valley Magistrate CourtDUIRegistered Nurse DUI Negotiated dismissal of DUI pled to recklessAll DUI charges DISMISSED
14/06/2022JV20xxxxPima County Superior Court – Juvenile CourtDUIJuvenile Matter for 17 year old near majorityAll charges DISMISSED
14/06/2022JV2022xxxxPima County Superior Court – Juvenile CourtDUI/DUI Illegal Drug or its Metabolite/Criminal DamageJuvenile near majorityAll DUI charges DISMISSED
27/05/2022CR19-91xxxxJP CourtDUI/DUI Bac more than .08Federal Law Enforcement Agent. After set<br /> to trial reduced to recklessAll DUI charges DISMISSED
25/05/2022CR22-002088JP CourtDUI-Drugs/Vapors/Drive One lane/unsafe lane changeAll charges DISMISSED
21/04/2022TR19xxxxxxxxxTucson City CourtDUIAfter litigation State moves to dismissAll charges DISMISSED
19/04/2022TR2021-xxxxxxOro Valley Magistrate CourtDUI/Improper Turn/LaneFirefighter with DUI. Reduced to recklessAll DUI charges DISMISSED
13/04/2022TR20XXXXXTucson City CourtDUIMotion to Suppress Evidence for illegal arrest GRANTEDAll charges DISMISSED
12/04/2022CM2021xxxxxxxOro Valley Magistrate CourtDUI/DUI Drugs/Underage DUI/Underage Drinking/Fail to Slow Approaching emergency VehicleFirefighter family member. Reduced to RecklessAll DUI charges DISMISSED
11/04/2022CR21-xxxxxJP CourtDV/AssaultMedical Assistant with Domestic Violence against abusive husband. Informal diversionAll charges DISMISSED
05/04/2022CR22-00XXXXJP CourtDUI-Liquor/Drugs/VaporRetired professor with late night DUIAll charges DISMISSED
28/03/2022CR18-xxxxJP CourtDui-Liquor/Drugs/VaporChicago area real estate investorAll charges DISMISSED