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Michael, a summa cum laude law graduate, have exhaustive experience in all aspects of DUI & vehicular offenses litigation. From jury trials to appeals; to motor vehicle licensing, to professional and career consequences, Michael is called upon to advise and help professional clients navigate the thicket of confusing and surprisingly harsh Arizona DUI laws and regulations. Repeatedly asked to lecture at attorney seminars on the collateral and professional consequences of DUI & other charges, Michael recently authored a chapter in Trends in DUI Discovery, 2014 ed. (Thompson Reuters; Aspatore). Read More

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A former prosecutor, named in Best Lawyers In America® 23rd ed., 2017-18 as one of the best Tucson Criminal Defense Lawyers: White Collar, Michael has amassed what many clients think is an astonishing track record. Click here to see results. Numerous healthcare professionals; law enforcement officers; university and graduate students; loan officers & other financial professionals; licensed real estate agents; CPA’s; and many company owners & business principals have all entrusted Michael to handle worrisome government investigations and criminal matters. Michael is known for making clients and their families comfortable through some of the most trying moments of their lives. Read More


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Having handled numerous criminal matters receiving national and focused local media attention, Michael advocates aggressively but with the thoughtful discretion, patience, care, attention to detail, and empathy demanded when clients are subjected to intense public scrutiny. A few of Michael’s cases receiving such attention are: Read More

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Marijuana Laws: Some New, Some Old | Morning Edition – NPR
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Michael Harwin

A former prosecutor, Michael Harwin graduated  summa cum laude from University of Arizona College of Law in May 1993, where he served on the editorial board of the Arizona Law Review and was inducted into the Order of the Coif. Recognized for his work in white collar  criminal defense, Michael was listed in Best Lawyers America®,23rd ed., 2017-18 and rated by Martindale Hubbell® A-V 5/5 Preeminent. He was listed in Arizona Superlawyers® in 2017-18 as one of the top Tucson DUI lawyers and named by Tucson Lifestyle Magazine® as one of the Best Lawyers in Tucson (May 2017). Named by the National Trial Lawyers® as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer, Michael was honored with a fellowship by  the Litigation Counsel of America® . Michael was also named by BestofUS.com as one of the Best Lawyers in the United States, and rated by AVVO® 10/10 Superb. Michael has received dozens of public client reviews. The largest firms in Arizona entrust Michael with their valued clients. Read More

Client Reviews

Honored with two Martindale-Hubbell Client Distinction Awards for 2012 and 2013, and two AVVO Client’s Choice Awards for 2015-16, based almost entirely upon client reviews and ratings, Michael is grateful to his many clients, dozens of whom have written and published comprehensive reviews, lauding not just outcomes, but explaining Michael’s honesty, responsiveness and compassion for those facing some of the most difficult moments in their lives. Read More

What Our Clients Are Saying

Mr.Harwin was a lifesaver for our family member. He had an in depth knowledge of all aspects of this difficult case including the court processes and all documentation that would be required to put together a great defense.The outcome was very positive. In addition, he made a special effort to understand and work with our family member showing that he not only defends, he cares. We highly recommend Mr.Harwin.
John Rivera

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UofA Students Arrested in the Dorms: What You Should Know

First, understand that in the dorms, your child’s privacy rights as a practical matter are left at the key-carded entrance. And that the Resident Assistants rather than acting as your child’s “assistants,” actually serve as de-facto auxiliaries of the University of Arizona Police. In the vast majority of cases, it is the Resident Assistants themselves who make the call to the Police about your child. And they do so for relatively minor occurrences it seems—when for example an RA thinks she smells marijuana creeping (“emanating” the Police like to call it, the RA’s adopting the police verbiage) out from under your child’s dorm room door, or suspect usually correctly mind you that there’s underage drinking going on behind that door, or when they hear what they think behind that door is heated argument your daughter might be having with her boyfriend.

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You Rights During a Tucson DUI Investigation: Devlin v. Browning

In Devlin v. Browning in and for County of Pima, a Tucson DUI officer claimed he saw Devlin speeding at about 2:00 AM eastbound on Broadway, and stopped him for that reason. 249 Ariz. 143, 145 (App. Div. II 2020) The officer claims he smelled alcohol when he approached Devlin seated in his car, and that Devlin had “bloodshot watery eyes.” Devlin admitted that he’d been drinking. So, instead of simply giving Devlin a speeding ticket, the Officer began a DUI investigation, and eventually arrested Devlin for DUI.

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Pima County Preliminary Hearings and Grand Jury Indictments Felony Criminal Procedure

A preliminary hearing is the ostensible first stop in the system of supposed checks and balances embedded in the concept of criminal prosecution and justice . The thinking is—when a person is charged with a serious crime—any felony—the criminal justice system isn’t going to simply take the word of the police officer[s] doing the arrest (in misdemeanors that’s the case). Because felonies are so serious there should be at the least, a brief hearing after release before a “neutral and detached” magistrate, to kind of check the work of the police officer—to independently review in summary fashion the initial evidence gathered.

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