Renting: An Eviction Law with Teeth

In Arizona, if you are renting, and your landlord discovers that, anywhere on the grounds of his apartment complex, you were found to be illegally “using” any “controlled substance,” even in your own apartment, he can evict you. Tout Suite.  See ARS 21 33-168(A)(2).  College students and other blazers, this is for you. This law, known as Arizona’s “crime free addendum” also applies to a vast array of other minor infractions including  things like getting stopped for  a DUI right  in the parking lot (we’ve seen it happen),  or getting cited for making noise and bothering your neighbors (“disturbing the peace” or “disorderly conduct”)  and of course  last but not least, domestic violence.  I repeat:  Under Arizona law your landlord, even if you’ve been paying your rent religiously, can evict you. Right away.  See ARS 21 33-168(A)(2).  Again, here, no conviction is necessary.   This is no joke. They can have you out of there in a week or two.

As a passing note, I’ll mention that although we’ve never seen it happen, most lease applications now ask you to disclose any and all past criminal records. Technically, if you don’t and your landlord discovers it, under the same Arizona law, the landlord has the right to evict you, just for withholding that information.  See § 33-1368(A.)