Teachers: Fingerprint Cards

Another special category is those of you who teach or volunteer in Arizona schools or facilities, do childcare, or coach kids. If you do any of these things you probably hold an Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card.

For those of you who don’t know, this is a separate card, that Arizona Department of Public Safety (the State Police) issue you, and you have to have a valid one to work or volunteer in any Arizona school or daycare or eldercare centers, or otherwise work with kids or vulnerable adults.

Unfortunately, in Arizona if you are arrested for any number of minor crimes, Arizona DPS can take your clearance card away, right away, and you can’t work or volunteer any more.

The good bit of news is for DUI people: you don’t out and out lose your Arizona fingerprint clearance card for a single misdemeanor simple DUI: your clearance is rather “modified” for a period of years upon arrest, so that you can’t drive any state vehicle. This affects primarily coaches and volunteers who can no longer drive the team van to meetings or games.

But if you’re hit with any other vehicular crime, most commonly “criminal damage” they can take your clearance away right from the get-go. So be aware of this. We’ve done a chart that may be useful

Persons Who Must Be Fingerprinted: 35 Statutorily Defined Categories of Person — Includes:
  • Adoptive Parent, (DES)
  • Board of Fingerprinting members & employees
  • Child care group home employees, (DHS)
  • Child care group home licensees, DHS
  • Child care home providers, DES
  • Child care employees, DHS
  • Child care facility licensees, DHS
  • Child Protective Services (CPS) employee, DES
  • Day care home providers, DES
  • DES contractors
  • Developmental-home licensure, DES
  • Div. Developmental Disabilities employees, DES
  • Foster-home licensure
  • DES information technology employees
  • Non-CPS employees, DES
  • Children’s Behavioral Health Program Worker
  • Childcare worker for entity receiving federal child care food program funds
  • Clinical Assistant (some)
  • DV Victim’s Shelter Worker
  • Juvenile Probation Services
  • Juvenile Corrections Worker/Some Contractors
  • Nursing Care Administrator;
  • Nursing Home Employees, Owners and Some Contractors
  • Driving School Owner/Partner (some)
  • Real Estate Salesperson or Broker
  • State Dep’t of Emergency/Military Affairs Worker
  • Students – Post-Secondary Health Education (some)
  • Students – Vocational Education (some)
  • Teacher/other personnel – Charter School
  • Teacher/other personnel – Public School
  • Teacher – School for Blind/Deaf