Collateral  Consequences for Professionals &  Immigrants: Resources for Lawyers

If  you or your clients hold any number of  accreditations or licenses even a single misdemeanor citation or arrest may trigger mandatory reporting requirements and subsequennt parallel regulatory investigations that may disrupt or end a career.

Professionals of all kinds must beware: from teachers, coaches, and clinical students who require fingerprint clearance on the one hand, to contractors, accountants, real estate professionals, architects, lawyers, and medical professionals of all sorts who require state licensure on the other.

Similarly, if you or your client is a non-citizen visa holder, even  misdemeanor proceedings can prevent you from obtaining a green card, preclude you from returning to the United States,  or even result in proceedings in immigration court for deportation (or “removal”). Lawful permanent residents may be exposed to the same risks when faced with misdemeanor charges.

Michael frequently advises clients on the wide-ranging professional and immigration collateral consequences of criminal investigations, charges and convictions.  Asked to consult on numerous matters, and invited  to teach as faculty  at professional  state-wide Continuing  Legal Education Seminars, Michael has authored and produced for attorneys and knowledgable clients a series of originally researched comprehensive collateral consequences memoranda, charts and materials, focusing on the Arizona Fingerprint Board, Arizona Health Care Professionals, and Immigration Consequences.  Below are some of the analytical memoranda he has recently produced: