Scott Redmon

Scott Redmon Image - Tucson AttorneyOf counsel attorney and former prosecutor Scott Redmon was named DUI Prosecutor of the Year 2013 by the Tucson City Prosecutor’s Office. Identified as a young remarkably effective advocate and counselor, Scott, now working at Law Offices of Michael Harwin, has amassed an incredible record of results in DUI and criminal matters, in only a few months.

For example, on Scott’s very first jury trial as a criminal defense attorney for the firm, in June 2014, he achieved an amazing complete acquittal at Tucson City Court—not guilty verdicts on all charges. Defending a career professional charged with DUI, Scott with equanimity and poise battled an aggressive prosecutorial strategy, purposely dismissing the “impairment charge” to give the prosecutor a supposed procedural advantage on the per se DUI charge. To view the firm’s recent results Click here.

Scott also recently and astonishingly won two consecutive DUI matters by having the judges suppress all evidence. In the most recent, September 2014, police stopped a military professional for a “wide left turn” and arrested him for DUI. Our client passed two of the three “field sobriety tests” but the police arrested him anyway. Scott shrewdly moved the Tucson City court to dismiss the entire case for lack of probable cause to arrest. After an evidentiary hearing, the court agreed: all charges dismissed.

In the former, July 2014, a police sergeant stopped our client for supposedly “failing to yield” to emergency vehicles, and arrested him for DUI. Once again, Scott shrewdly moved the court to suppress all evidence, arguing that the stop was illegal. And once again the trial court agreed and suppressed all evidence.

In yet another case, August 2014, Arizona DOT, MVD suspended our client’s license for one year for failure to submit to chemical testing. Scott once again shrewdly challenged the suspension, arguing that our client had never “refused.” An administrative law judge agreed, and voided the suspension.

And in the last few months Scott has also managed to win litigated dismissals for a variety of other matters including: A fraternity president in a “red tag” violation for a loud college party; a professional charged embarrassingly with indecent exposure at a local casino (motion to dismiss no probable cause to arrest); a young University of Arizona Student chased down by the police on campus and arrested for “minor in possession of alcohol” (Motion to dismiss for no probable cause to arrest). All these cases resulted in hard fought dismissals.

But Scott, not surprisingly, has also done wonders with a number of surprising negotiated resolutions, saving clients from many weeks and months in jail, or from felony charges or records.

Not surprisingly, Scott has quickly earned the trust and admiration of the firm’s clients. Judges, juries, prosecutors and clients alike respond to Scott’s demeanor, his ability to listen, his careful choice of words, his integrity and moral presence.

Formerly an award-winning Compliance Officer for CITIBANK, and a graduate Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law, Scott, raised on the Ohio River, brings to the practice sense of equanimity and judgment, and core kindness. Scott resides in Northwest Tucson with his wife and four children. His practice focuses on DUI and criminal defense as well as catastrophic vehicular and other injuries.